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29° Festival de Cine de Varsovia: películas e invitados argentinos

Fecha de actualización: 17/06/2015

En esta edición del Festival, que tuvo ugar entre el 11 y 20 de octubre de 2013, se presentaron las siguientes producciones argentinas:

Paradise for the Damned / Un paraíso para los malditos / Raj dla potępionych, directed by Alejandro Montiel (Argentina 2013), 83 mins.
An Argentinian thriller about a mysterious night watchman at a factory leading a double life.

Erratum / Errata, directed by Iván Vescovo (Argentina 2013), 77 mins.
One day Ulises' girlfriend vanishes. Searching for her, he discovers he knows nothing about her. A noir thriller shot in black and white, this is an investigation and a love story, and the characters are also errata.

Human / Humano / Człowiek, directed by Alan Stivelman (Argentina 2013), 85 mins.
What is life? Where and how should we seek its meaning? What is humanity? The 25-year-old director writes down 200 important questions and sets off for the Andes to find answers.
La Paz in Buenos Aires / La Paz en Buenos Aires / La Paz w Buenos Aires, directed by Marcelo Charras (Argentina 2013), 70 mins.
A Bolivian wrestler, the invincible and adored Cyclone, is really called Erasmo Chambi and has been a tailor in Buenos Aires for twenty years.

The Great Pretender / El gran simulador / Wielki udawacz, directed by Néstor Frenkel (Argentina 2013), 75 mins.
A film about a world-famous Argentinean illusionist specializing in card tricks, René Lavand. It wouldn't be particularly fascinating, perhaps, if not for the fact that he uses his left hand only.

Entre las figuras invitadas de nuestro país se encuentran:
Alejandro Montiel, director, who will be in Warsaw 16-20 October.
Joaquin Furriel, actor, who will be in Warsaw 16-19 October
Milagros Roque Pitt, producer, who will be in Warsaw 16-19 October
Iván Vescovo, director, who will be in Warsaw 16-20 October
Alan Stivelman, director, who will be in Warsaw 14-18 October
Marcelo Charras, director, who will be in Warsaw 16-20 October

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