Embassy in Poland


On 9th of May 2014, an event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth, and the 30th anniversary of the demise of the renowned Argentinian writer, Julio Cortazar was held on the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes of Cracow, under the name of “Por las Huellas de Cortazar en Cracovia”. The event revolved around the various visits the writer payed to the city, and the immense relevance of his work to literature worldwide, and, more specifically, the Polish one.

The event was  presided by Mr. Abel Murcia, headmaster of the Institution, along whom were present the eminent critics and polish translators of latin-american literature, Mr.Ireneusz Kania, and Mr.Adam Komorowski,as well as the translator of Cortazar to the Polish language, Mrs. Marta Jordan.

An estimate of 60 people attended the event, mainly consisting of students from the Faculty of “Iberistica” from the Jaguellonian University of Cracow, as well as students of the Spanish language from the Instituto Cervantes, interns, and students belonging to various faculties from the University of Cracow.