Embassy in Poland


The Embassy of the Argentine Republic, in direct cooperation with the Department of Romanic Languages from the University of Vilnius, organized an evening event  devoted in its entirety to the presence of the work of Julio Cortazar in Lithuania.

The events were carried out in the city of Vilnius during the 9th, 10th and 13th of October, under the title “Julio Cortazar y el cine”, and were specially aimed towards the students of the Spanish-English section of the Institute for Foreign Languages, the main institution in charge for Department of Romanic Languages.

The leit motif behind this project may as well be the sentimental relationship that the Argentinian autor held with the lithuanian editor, writer, literary critic, and UNESCO´s ambassador, Ugne Karvelis, (a romantic involvement that would last over a decade, from 1967 until 1978), and the ulterior influence that she would exert upon the stream of thought, the writings, and the very own public life of Cortazar.