Embassy in Poland


Between September the 15th, and October the 6th, 2014, the Argentine plastic artist Mónica Albisu inaugurated  two expositions in the Polish cities of Sandomierz and Warsaw, respectivelly. The expositions were arranged in direct cooperation with the Museum of History of the Polish Peasantry, providing the exhibition halls in both venues.
The exposition held in Sandomierz, (a historical city that treasures great touristic attractiveness, which is located 220 km South of Warsaw) was carried out in the local branch of the aforementioned museum, located in the main square of the Old City.  Local authorities, plastic artists residing in the city, and an overal massive public atended the inauguration. It would remain open for the following three weeks.

In Warsaw, on the other hand, the exhibition was officially inaugurated in October the 6th, and remained open for the general public until mid-November.  It took place in the exposition rooms located in the Palac Blanka, a historical and architecture relique, which also holds the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Polish Republic.