Embassy in Poland


The past 24th of July a tasting of Argentine wines was held at the Golf Parks Poland Club, (located in the Wilanów neighbourhood) accompained by a brief presentation and introduction to the sport which lends its name to  the club and which has achieved  remarkable popularity in Argentina.

The European representative of  Wines of Argentina kindly supervised and provided valuable advice in the organization of the tasting. Moreover, it supplied the event with the widely-known banners that were used to decorate the facilities, as well as with their logo which would be shown in the invitations that were handed to the guests. 

Six Polish importers of Argentine wine answered the summoning of the Embassy: CityWine, Estancia del Vino, Dobre Wino.pl, Voyager Wine Club, Domain Menada (which would provide with wines of different quality and lineage and Podwoka Wine Depot, which, beside wine, also offered typical Argentine cuisine-based catering services, specifically selected to go along with our national drink, in accordance to the ambience the organizers intended to confer to the event: beef empanadas, "choripanes" (sausage sandwiches), chicken brochettes, and roasted beef bites.
These culinary delights were prepared by an Argentine cook and restaurateur residing in Warsaw.  It is worth noting that among the contributors, several of them had already cooperated with this Embassy, whilst others did so for the first time.

An estimated 120 people attended the event. Among the public, there were journalist of specialized press, sommeliers, bloggers, merchants, wine web-portal´s chiefs-owners, and also representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Poland and local officials.

Golf Parks lent its facilities and kindly offered golf courses to the attendants who were interested in a first contact, while those already acquainted with the sport brought their own equipment to play.  The  overall Argentine mood was acknowledged by the guests, who highlighted its originality and the excelent combination of Argentine wine, beef, and golf, in the cosmopolitan core of Warsaw. 

The event succeeded at manifesting a vision true to the wine industry and to the miriad nuances of the Argentine culture via the means of golf, traditional cuisine, banners containing turistic information, and the background music: folklore and classic and modern tango. It was the mixture of all those elements which contributed to bringing Poland closer to the Argentine experience, thus enhancing the course of the tasting.

It shall be reiterated that touristic promotion had a strong presence during the celebration of the event, since several illustrations from Inprotur were displayed, in conjunction with roll-ups and promotional material of the country.

Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular